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Robbie Gould attended Penn State University.

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Q: Bears' Pro Bowl kicker Robbie Gould was a graduate of which Big Ten school?
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What position does Robbie Gould play?

Robbie Gould plays Place Kicker for the Chicago Bears.

Which Chicago Bears player scored the most points in an NFL season?

Kicker Kevin Butler with 144 points in 1985. Kicker Robbie Gould is next with 143 points in 2005.

Who is the leding scorer this season for Chicago Bears?

Through Week 9 of the 2008 season, that is kicker Robbie Gould with 69 points. Matt Forte leads the team in TDs scored with 6.

What is robbie goulds Chicago Bears jersey number?

Robbie Gould is number 9 on the Chicago Bears.

What NFL team does Robbie Gould play for?

Robbie Gould plays for the Chicago Bears.

Who was the back up field goal kicker on the 1985 bears?

There was no backup kicker. Kevin Butler was the only one, unless you count the punter.

Who was the star field goal kicker for Chicago Bears in 1930s?

Bob Allman. He went to Michigan St before playing for the Bears.

Did any player in Bears history wear number 1?

Place kicker Jeff Jaeger wore #1 for the Bears between 1996-1999.

Who is the Chicago Bears career scoring leader?

Kicker Kevin Butler is the Chicago Bears all-time leading scorer with 1,116 points from (1985-95).

Who was the Chicago Bears field goal kicker in 2001?

Paul Edinger played with the Bears from 2000-2004 before going to the Vikes for a final year. Koop from Kansas City

What was the longest field goal in Super Bowl 41?

44 yards by Robbie Gould of the Chicago Bears.

What is Robbie Gould famous for?

Robbie Gould is an American football placekicker for the Chicago Bears team. He originally belonged to the New England Patriots as an un-drafted free agent in the year 2005.