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No, they are the same. They used to be wider (23 feet 4 inches, same as high school), but in 1991 they narrowed them to 18 feet 6 inches, same as the NFL.

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Q: Are all goal post the same in high school college and pro football?
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In high school it is not live. In college and the NFL, it is live,

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How wide are American football goal posts?

The goal posts in the NFL and college are 18 feet, 6 inches apart. In high school, goal posts are 23 feet, 6 inches apart.

What is the distance horizontally from one goal post to the other goal post in football?

football as in soccer? if so, 24 feet. for American football, 18 feet 6 inches for college and pros, 23 feet 6 inches for high school

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