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Q: What is the value of a 1958 cricket bat signed by new zealand Leicester and Hampshire teams?
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Where was the whitangi signed?

The treaty of whitangi was signed in New Zealand.

What is the value of a cricket bat signed by the Indian cricket team 1954?

Rupees 100.00

Who signed the US Constitution from New Hampshire?

John Langdon and Nicholas Gilman signed the US Constitution on behalf of New Hampshire.

What state signed the constitution ratifying it?

New Hampshire

Were in New Zealand did the treaty get signed?


Where in New Zealand is the treaty signed?

in waitangi

What is the value of a cricket bat signed by the 2004 Australian cricket team from the 3 mobile test?

It is worth £26,000

Where was the treaty signed ending the Russo-Japanese war?

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Who is the governor of New Zealand when the treaty was signed?

there wasnt one at the time, but william hobson became the first after it was signed

What is the value of a cricket ball signed by Ricky Ponting?

1000's of dollars

What is the value of a cricket bat signed by the English cricket team who played in Brisbane Australia in 1987 I think?

Ebay it with a starting bid if £99.99

Place where 1840 treaty was signed?

Treaty of Waitangi was signed 6th Feb 1840 at Waitangi, Northland, New Zealand. You can visit the Waitangi Treaty grounds. The treaty then travelled around New Zealand so it could be signed by tribes that could not get to Waitangi.