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Q: What is the most expensive cup in football?
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The most expensive football cup in the world?

Brazil for sure!

Which is most expensive BPL OR THE FA CUP?

which is the most expensive BPL or THE FA CUP.

What is the most expensive football jersey of all time?

The most expensive football jersey of all time is the original jersey worn by Pelé during the 1970 FIFA World Cup final, which was sold at auction for around $600,000.

How expensive is the most expensive cup of coffee in the world?

It was sold in the UK and it cost £70 a cup.

What is the world's most expensive football boot?

There may be a more expensive cleat out there but if you are refering to American football and not soccer one of most expensive would be the Total 90 Laser II made for football.

Which is the most prestigious football cup in the world?

The F.I.F.A world cup is the most prestigious cup.

Who is the most expensive forward in football?


Who most expensive football's surname?

It is Ronaldo.

What is the most expensive throwback football jersey?

The most expensive jersey has to be the throwback jersey of Bob Griese

What does the FA cup mean?

The FA Cup is the Football Association Challenge Cup, which is run by the English Football Association. It is widely considered to be the most prestigious domestic cup competition in the world and is the oldest association football tournament in the world.

Which coffee is the most expensive?

Kopi Luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world. £50 a cup and is made from cat droppings!!!

Most expensive young transfers in football?

Wayne rooney