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It depends by what you mean "best". Do you want low-cost coins? An easily completable set? Coins that will dramatically increase in value? An attractive design?

If you want low cost coins go with pennies, most wheat pennies are quite affordable, at least in the lower grades until you get to rarities like the 1909-S VDB. If you want easily completable sets you might want to try coins with high mintages for only a few years like Franklin Halves or Eisenhower dollars. If you want coins that will dramatically increase in value try getting low-premium pre-1965 silver coins for close to silver melt price and then selling them when the price of silver increases.

If you prefer different designs, you might want to get a lot of cheap obsolete or currently circulating world currency, it is unlikely to increase in value but it is cheap and have interesting designs. Coins like Morgan Dollars and Standing Liberty Quarters are easily found in circulated conditions for melt but increase dramatically with key dates and higher graded specimens, but have attractive designs and Morgan Dollars are always in demand.

But really it is all up to you. There is no "one" coin that is the best to collect. However, in general coins from third party mints like the Franklin Mint or National Collector's Mint have values that decrease dramatically with time.

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puppies and money

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Q: What is the best thing to collect?
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