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he was very good but he was hispanic

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Q: What 3 struggles did Roberto Clemente have?
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What struggles did Roberto Clemente have?

he was very good but he was hispanic

What year did Roberto Clemente bat for his last time?

Roberto Clemente played his last game in the NLCS, on October 3, 1972.

When was the last baseball game Roberto clemente played?

Roberto Clemente's major league career spanned 1955-1972, all with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

What religion was Roberto clemente?

Roberto Clemente was a roman catholic.

What was Roberto Clemente's full name?

Roberto Clemente Walker

What does Roberto Clemente endorse?

Roberto Clemente passed away in 1972.

What does Roberto clemente do to help the people of Nicaragua?

how did roberto clemente get opportunity

When did baseball player Roberto Clemente play?

Roberto Clemente debuted on April 17, 1955 and played his final game on October 3, 1972.

Are any of Roberto Clemente's siblings still alive?

Roberto Clemente was the youngest of seven children born to Melchor Clemente and Luisa Walker.

What nicknames did Roberto Clemente go by?

Roberto Clemente went by Arriba, and Bob.

When was Roberto clemente's birthday?

Roberto Clemente's birthdate was August 18, 1934.

What country is Roberto Clemente from?

Roberto Clemente was born in Carolina, Puerto Rico.