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Q: If you sent a signature rose what will the person receive?
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What does it mean to receive a thornless white rose in the mail?

White rose means purity and peace. It will depend on who sent you the rose. About the thorn, if it didn't have thorn it means that it's not harmful.

Is it possible to make a signature and then delete it?

When speaking about email signatures, it is possible to make a signature and then delete it if a person no longer wants it. However, if an email is sent with a signature before it's deleted, the email will still contain the signature.

What if you don't receive the confirmation email?

If you don't receive an email that was sent to you, then you can contact the person who sent the email by phone to let them know. If you were resetting a password, then you can simply do the process again.

I sent a tweet but i forgot a word so i deleted it and sent it again Now i can't find it in twitter search Does this mean that the person i sent it to didn't receive the tweet?

If your profile is private then your tweets won't appear in the search. All messages are sent to the person you sent it to providing you use the correct username.

When you receive a gift of wine how do you thank the person who sent it?

Buy a nice Thank You card and in it thank the person for their thoughtfulness and that you enjoyed the bottle of wine.

Do USPS packages require a signature if sent internationally?


Is signing for a certified letter for someone who no longer lives at your address punishable?

If you sign your real name, no serious legal problem. You are only certifying that the letter was delivered to the correct address and you received it. The signature is sent to the sender and that person will know that you have it and not the person to whom it was sent. However, I think you have a moral obligation to get the letter delivered to the right person. It is not your property and you may be liable if you destroy it. If you forge the signature, then of course you are committing forgery which is a crime.

How is it possible to receive a text that the other person says they never sent that was a quote of an old message you sent them plus a few words added?

I don't think that you can get it if you deleted it.

What is it called when someone changes the FROM section of an email so that the message you receive appears to come from you receive appears to come from a person other than the one who sent it?


If you send a message from your inbox and then erase the message after will that person receive the message?

Yes the person will get the message you only deleted the message from your mailbox.

What does it mean when you send a red rose to a death person?

Why would you do that in the first place??Perhaps if you sent a Red rose to some one dead it would mean that you love them even though they are not here anymore. :)) Does that answer your Q

Can someone other than the beneficiary forge a signature to receive payment from the insurance company?

No, that person would be charged with both fraud and forgery and be sent to jail. The only legal way someone other that the beneficiary can sign for a payment is if the benificiary is declared incompetant and a court assigns the signing authority to that person or the beneficiary voluntarily signs legal documentation giving someone else that right