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roughly around 500,000 to 10,000,000

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Q: How much is an authentic signed game worn bulls Michael Jordan shorts worth?
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How much is an authentic Bulls jersey signed by Michael Jordan worth?

if its a crayon signiture it will be worth $500,000

How much is Michael Jordan last All-Star rare signed authentic jersey worth?


What is a Michael Jordan Wilson signed basketball worth?


How do you sell Kirby puckett and Michael Jordan signed items?

on eBay

What is value of autographed Michael Jordan NBA card?

I own a signed card of Michael Jordan and I believe it's worth a little over $500

What is the value of a space jam poster 2ft by 3ft signed by Michael Jordan that says Michael Jordan 1992 dream team?

aproxamently $23,892

How much is a signed hat of Michael Jordan worth?

Some Jordan signed hats can range from $300 to $1800 but those are vintage 1992 bulls

How much is a Michael Jordan jersey worth?

A REAL authentic 1984 Jordan jersey is about worth around $300. An autographed 1984 Jordan jersey that can run anywhere from $2000 on up. personally the highest I ever saw one go for was $66,000 at an auction

How much ia a signed Michael Jordan's North Carolina basketball worth?

How much is a signed Micheal jordan Senior year at North Carolina basketball card worth?

How do you get Michael Jordan in 2k9?

You can create him.Then you go to manage roster.Go to create team.If you signed Jordan to the Bulls,Go to that team and click Michael Jordan and assign him to your team.If he is a free agent,Go to Free Agents and click Michael Jordan and assign him to your team.Then get you other fourteen players.That how you do it.

How much is a Michael Jordan signed authenicated framed jersey worth?

Probably around $3000

Which Major League baseball team signed a contract with Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan signed a minor league contract with the Chicago White Sox, reported to spring training, and was assigned to the Chicago White Sox farm team in the minors, the Birmingham Barons.