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1,000 bucks

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Q: How much is a tony Montana card worth?
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How much is tony gwynn's rookie card worth?

$400 mint

How much is a tony atlas trading card worth?

Half a thousand dollars.

How much money is a tony gonzalez football card worth?

433 million

How much is a tony gwynn 1989 topps card number 58 worth?

Less than 50 cents.

How much is a 2005 topps cracker jack ballplayer card of Tony LaRussa worth?

Probably close to nothing.

How much does tony Montana weigh?

Tony Montana is a fictional character and his weight is unknown. This character appeared in the movie Scarface and was portrayed by Al Pacino.

When was Tony Montana created?

Tony Montana was created in 1983.

Does Tony Montana have Kids?

no he does not but tony Montana likes little kids

Who was the person who killed Tony Montana?

who killed tony Montana my dad

How old is tony Montana?

Tony Montana does not have a real age. This is because he is a fictional character. However, the character Tony Montana was popular in the 1940's.

What actors and actresses appeared in Chef Tony Montana - 2008?

The cast of Chef Tony Montana - 2008 includes: David Golshan as Chef Tony Montana

What is a tony dorsett rookie card worth?

It depends on the condition of the card. The range is between 0 to $50.