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They come up randomly when you collect from a stand.

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Q: How do you get baseball cards on snoopys street fair?
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Does anybody play snoopys street fair-Comment if you do?

I do! Add me on Snoopy's Street Fair! My referral code is GKVqsn. Thanks!

What does jean say in Snoopy's street fair?

Jean is Schulz's widow. I'm not sure she has a part in Snoopys Street Fair.

How do you get the bunnies on snoopys street fair?

They come up in sales. Usually during Easter time.

How do you get rid of the wasp nest on snoopys street fair?

First you cover yourself with honey, then you run around your front yard.

When snoopys street fair tells you there is a save game what do you do?

Snoopy's Street Fair is the title of a game that can be downloaded and played on the iPhone. If it tells you that you have a saved game, you can just resume playing it or you can delete it and begin a new game.

How do you finish snoopys street fair?

To finish Snoopy's Street Fair, you need to complete all the tasks and levels in the game. This involves collecting resources, building attractions, and earning coins. As you progress through the game, more challenges and tasks will appear until you have completed all of them.

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Hessler Street Fair was created in 1969.

When was Folsom Street Fair created?

Folsom Street Fair was created in 1984.

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To cook pancakes in Snoopy's Street Fair, tap on the pancake cart to make Snoopy start cooking. Wait for the pancakes to cook, then tap on them to serve them to customers and earn coins in return within the game.

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