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This is the Bluenose a famous racing fishing schooner under the red duster or Candaian Flag. She ( the ship) won the fisherman:s trophy for speed a number of times and was of course a popular working vessel as well. there was some controversy that the Bluenose was designed as a racing yacht- but surely equpped for the fishing trqde and rugged water operation. The Bluenose has long been a popular subject for ship modellers.

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Q: Why is the schooner on the dime?
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The bluenose schooner is on what Canada coin?

The Dime (.10).

What blue schooner nose is on what candian coin?

Can we rephrase that? The schooner is Old Bluenose, it's not a schooner with a blue nose. And there's no candy involved, it's a Canadian dime.

What famous schooner appears on the Canadian dime?

The schooner Old Bluenose, built in Lunenburg Nova Scotia The ship is on the front, or obverse. By convention the side with the monarch's picture is considered to be the back, or reverse.

What is the name of the race-winning schooner that is pictured on the Canadian dime?

the blue nose , it was built in Lunenburg Nova Scotia

Why is a sailboat on a Canadian dime?

It's an image of the Bluenose, which was a Canadian fishing boat and racing schooner in the 1920s and '30s.

What is the Canadian dime?

Could you explain what you mean? If you want a basic definition, it's a 10 cent coin about the same size as a U.S. dime. Most bear the image of the famous schooner "Old Bluenose" on the obverse. The reverse carries the monarch's picture, Elizabeth II since 1953. If taken from circulation, a Canadian dime is worth about 9 cents U.S. at current exchange rates. What about a 1988 dime that has orchid like flowers on the back instead of the schooner

What is the name of the sailing vessell on the Canadian ten cent coin?

The schooner on the front of the Canadian dime was a depiction by Emmanuel Hahn of Bluenose.

What is the antonym of schooner?

antonym for schooner

What type of boat is a schooner?

A schooner is a sailing ship.

What is lighter prairie schooner or conestoga?

a prairie schooner

What is a good sentence USING schooner?

Here are some sentences.A schooner is a type of boat.The pirate captured the schooner.

When did Schooner Jenny happen?

Schooner Jenny happened in 1823.