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Great Britain is the most successful nation, having racked up the most amount of medals since Olympic sailing started in 1900. The most successful Olympic sailor is Denmark's Paul Elvstrom. He won the first of his four gold medals at consecutive Games in 1948. However, if Great Britain's Ben Ainslie wins Gold at London 2012 he will overtake Elvstrom with one silver and 4 consecutive golds.

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Q: Who is the best at Olympic sailing?
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Is the rms Olympic still sailing?

No, the R.M.S Olympic went out out of service in 1935.

Do women and men compete in sailing?

Yes, there are events for men and women in Olympic sailing.

How many countries in the olympic sailing?


What stadium will sailing be held in 2012 olympic games?

The venue for the London Olympic sailing events is Weymouth & Portland. Not strictly a stadium, to be honest, more a town.

How many spuash courts did the titanic have?

Titanic had one squash court, which was (for her and Olympic) the first for any sailing vessel.Also sailing was Frederick Wright, the squash attendant, who was sailing on Olympic the day she collided with the HMS Hawke.

How did sailing become an Olympics sport?

sailing isn't an olympic sport its a regular stupid sport like football

What is the biggest sailing boat in they 2012 Olympics?

The largest boat in the Olympic sailing competition is the 49er class.

What Olympic sport begins with y?

Possibly yachting (sailing)

Where are the sailing events at the 2008 Beijing Olympics being held?

The 2008 Olympic sailing events will be held at the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center in the city of Qingdao. Qingdao is located on the southern coastline of the Shandong Peninsula, in east China's Shandong Province.

What is the name of the Danish sailing legend who won 4 gold medals in the olympic games?

Paul Elvstrom was a sailing legend who won 4 gold medals in the Olympic games over his career.

Which sport did israel win the most olympic medals?

Israel has won the majority of their Olympic medals in the sports of Judo and Sailing. 3 medalswere won in Judo and 3 medals were won in Sailing.

What is England's best olympic event?

We have traditionally done well at sailing, and in rowing Sir Steve Redgrave won Gold for five Olympiads in succession.