Who is the QB for the Eagles?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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Donovan McNabb

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Q: Who is the QB for the Eagles?
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Is hank basket the qb for the eagles?

No, Baskett is a wide receiver for the Eagles.

Who was the eagles QB for their first Super Bowl visit?

Ron Jaworski was the starting QB for the Eagles in the first Super Bowl (SB XV).

Who is the Philadelphia Eagles QB?

Kevin Kolb #4

Which former Eagles quarterback signed by the Vikings came back to lead the NFC in QB rating after a brief retirement?

Randall Cunningham led the NFC in QB rating after retiring from the eagles and then signed by the Vikings.

Who wore number 7 for the Philadelphia Eagles in 1984?

QB Ron Jaworski.Jaworski wore #7 for the Eagles between 1977-1986.

What player did the Eagles trade to get QB Ron Jaworski?

In early 1977, the Rams traded Jaworski to the Eagles for TE Charle Young.

Will Donovan McNabb be the Eagles QB in 2010?

No. He was traded to the Washington Redskins on Easter Sunday.

Who is Sam Bradford?

Sam Bradford is the starting QB for the Philidelphia Eagles. He is Number 7, and he is not that great

Who was the first afro American eagles NFL quarterback?

John Walton.Walton was a backup QB for the Eagles from 1976-1979. He attended Elizabeth City State University.

Who is responsible for the miracle at the medowands Eagles vs giants?

QB Joe Pisarcik of the Giants fumbled on a handoff attempt, and DB Herman Edwards of the Eagles returned it for a touchdown.

Is roger Vick Michael vicks dad?

Yes roger Vick is his dad. Roger vick was a RB for the Jets Michael Vick is (as of 2011) a QB for the Eagles he was also a QB for the Falcons

Who was the Eagles quarterback in the 1960 Super Bowl?

There was no Super Bowl in 1960. The Eagles QB in the 1960 NFL championship game against the Green Bay Packers was Norm Van Brocklin.