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Q: How many ducks has ricky ponting made?
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How many centuries has ricky ponting made in test cricket?

As of January 2011 he has made 39

How many test and one day century of Ricky Ponting?

Ponting has made 39 Test Centuries and 29 ODI Centuries as at January 2011

How many tests has ricky ponting won?

As a captain,Ricky Ponting has played 77 tests and Australia has won 48 out of those at the winning percentage of 62.34

How many centuries did Ricky Ponting score in world cup cricket?

72 centuries

How many ODI cricket matches did Australia win when ricky ponting score a century?


How many matches played ricky pointing in world cup?

Of the 35 Test matches in which Ricky Ponting has scored a century, Australia have won 24.

How many centuries make ponting?

Until August 2011,Ponting has made 39 centuries.

How many odi centuries has ricky ponting scored till Jan 2010?

28 (before the start of odi series against Pakistan in Jan 2010)

Which player has not taken more than 500 wickets in test cricket?

This is not a very smart question as many cricketers havent got 500 test wickets, not just one "player". However to name one Ricky Ponting.

How many centuries scored by rick ponting?


How many test centuries made by ricky poiting as of today?


How many dukws were made in World War 2?

An estimated 21,147 "Ducks" were produced .