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country club Blacksburg Virginia

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As of my last knowledge, Frank Beamer resides in Blacksburg, Virginia, where he spent many years as the head coach of the Virginia Tech football team.

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Q: Where does Frank Beamer live?
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What is Frank Beamer's birthday?

Frank Beamer was born on October 18, 1946.

When was Frank Beamer born?

Frank Beamer was born on October 18, 1946.

How old is Frank Beamer?

According to Wikipedia: Frank Beamer is the current head coach of the Virginia Tech college football program.

Head coach Frank Beamer played what position?

Frank Beamer was a three year starter at cornerback for Virginia Tech between 1966-1968.

What happened to Frank Beamer's jaw?

He was burned when he was a child.

Who is the second oldest college football coach?

Frank Beamer, Virginia tech

Is Virginia tech famous for teaching a certain subject?

Frank Beamer - Distributive Education

Where did Frank Beamer coach college football?

Frank Beamer has been the head coach at Virginia Tech since 1987 and was head coach of Murray State between 1981-1986. Prior to that he was an assistant coach at Maryland, The Citadel, and Murray State.

How much money does Coach Frank Beamer make per year?

2.1 million a year

What is the birth name of Todd Beamer?

Todd Beamer's birth name is Todd Morgan Beamer.

What is the birth name of Nona Beamer?

Nona Beamer's birth name is Winona Kapuailohiamanonokalani Desha Beamer.

When was Keola Beamer born?

Keola Beamer was born in 1951.