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It got stronger and stronger because Stalin was in control. I really don't know who the hell that is but that's what it says on my text book.

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During the communist rule of Russia, religion was heavily restricted and suppressed by the Soviet government. Churches were often closed, religious practices were discouraged, and many religious leaders were persecuted, leading to a decline in religious observance among the population. However, despite these efforts to promote Atheism, religious beliefs persisted among some individuals and communities.

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Q: What happend to religion during the communism rule of russia?
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Who was mistrusted in Russia during the days of communism?

The answer is 'WESTERNERS'.

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What does the Russian revolution have to do with communism?

In Russia, during World War 1 Tsar Nicholas the second was running a tyrant so when he got overthrown Russia had a communism policy.

What part of the world was dominated by communism during the cold war?

Russia and China

Who was considered to spread communism during World War 1?

World War I had NOTHING to do with communism. Yea. It was during and after WWII. And the main country that fought to spread is was the Soviet Union, or Russia.

Was Islam dominant during tsarist Russia?

The Russian Orthodox Church was dominant during Tsarist Russia. It was virtually the state religion of Russia. Many inhabitants of Russia were Muslim, (especially in area near the Ottoman Empire in southern Russia) but the dominant religion was Russian Orthodox.

What was Russia's main religion during World War 1?

The main religion in Russia during World War 1 was Russian Orthodoxy. It was the dominant religion in the country and played a significant role in shaping Russian culture and society at the time.

What caused Communism in Russia?

Communism was an ideology and proposed style of government devised by Karl Marx in The Communist Manifesto. Unfortunately, when certain radicals adopted this ideology, oppressive and violent states were created.

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How communism is faring in today's Russia.

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Lenin brought state capitalism to Russia, not Communism.

What happened to religion during the communist rule of Russia?

i dont know do u