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Q: Comparison between bungee jumping and mountain climbing?
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A sport for people who are not afraid of heights?

Base jumping, rock climbing, bungee jumping, parachuting, gliding, flying, abseiling, para gliding, mountain climbing.

What is a good hobby for someone who is adventurous?

Mountain climbing, Canoeing, Hiking, to name a few.____________________________________Skydiving is another good one too, so is bungee jumping.

What is described as daring?

<P><SUP>"Daring" is often used to describe risky physical feats such as bungie jumping, skydiving, mountain climbing . . .etc.</SUP></P>

What sports has an extremely high death rate base jumping rock climbing swimming or skydriving?

BASE Jumping.

What abilities do lions have?

there is climbing swimming hunting running jumping and fighting

Why do squrriel's have feet?

They have feet for climbing, swimming, running, jumping, and standing on.

Why do mountain lions have long tails?

no because they use their tails as balence for jumping or chasing their prey also for climbing trees and walking on the steep slopes :D

Do lion have special abilities?

there is climbing swimming hunting running jumping and fighting

What sport is a mixture of running jumping and climbing?

Parkour also known as free running.

How does Spider-Man get around?

walking, climbing and jumping from wall to wall, or using his web to swing around

How can a cat jump higher than a dog?

Cats have developed muscles for jumping and climbing. Dogs have more for running.

Why do you feel like something jumping on the bed?

He's climbing in yo windows and snatchin yo people up...