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He got sacked because hes an idiot in general and a disgrace to Carlton FC. The final straw was drawn after his horrific and drunken behaviour at the 2009 Brownlow Medal Awards.

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Q: Why did Brendan Fevola get sacked?
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How tall is Brendan Fevola?

Brendan Fevola is 191 cm.

When was Brendan Fevola born?

Brendan Fevola was born on January 20, 1981.

What is Brendan Fevola's birthday?

Brendan Fevola was born on January 20, 1981.

How old is Brendan Fevola?

Brendan Fevola is 30 years old (birthdate: January 20, 1981).

Who wins the voice?

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Who is brendan fevola?

an AFL footballer with an abnormally large chin.

Where was Brendan Rodgers sacked?

Brendan Rodgers was sacked as manager by Liverpool Football Club.

Why sould fevola be dropped from AFL?

Brendan Fevola sexually assaulted a Herald Sun reporter, as well as embarressing te AFL by:a) Pissing on a nightclub window andb) being an idiot in general.

What sport is Bredan Fevola associated with?

The man Brendan Fevola is associated with Australian Rules Football. Australian Rules Football is an offshoot of Rugby. The game plays mostly the same as Rugby but focuses more on kicks.

What is Brendan Fevola's record goals in a match?

He kicked 9 great goals taking Carlton to a big win over Richmond in 2009.

Who was the inventor of permanent markers?

Permaent markers were invented by Brendan Fevola in 1962 in Phoenix Arizona. Fevola didn't realise that he found a new type of pen but his friend Jonathan Brown snatched it and took all the glory. And that is who, how and when the permanant marker was invented.

Is Brendan Fevola a good person?

Yes he is hes a good person and a good footy player this question was answerd by Walley year 7 at F.G.S.C