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Q: Where did stephanier train?
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What tasks do navy seals do?

Train, train, train, train, train ,operate, train, train, train, fight and drink

Is it correct to say get on the train or get in the train?

Get on the train.

When was Train-Train created?

Train-Train was created on 1988-11-23.

What is the homophone for train?

Train as in exercising, and Train as in the Transporting source

What will i do to max the happyness of munchlax?

train and train and train :)

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When you are on a train. When the train is in a station.

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Train, train and train!

What kind of train was the first train?

steam train

What is a coaster train?

a coaster train is a runaway train.

How do you spell circuit train in French?

A circuit train (toy train) is "un train miniature" or "un petit train" in French.

Can you get a train from Lincoln train station to norwich train station?

Not a direct train, you will have to change at Peterborough

What is 'train' in Afrikaans?

train as a noun (transport vehicle): trein train as a verb (to train): oefen