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Q: When David Moyes succeeded Sir Alex Ferguson as Manchester United's manager he became the Scot to do the job?
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Who is the manager of the football team Manchester United?

the Manchester united manager is sir Alex Ferguson

When did Ferguson join Manchester United as manager?


Who is chicharito's manager?

At Manchester United it is Alex Ferguson.

On what date did Alex Ferguson join Manchester United?

Ferguson became manager of Manchester United on Nov. 6th, 1986

Who is the Manchester Utd manager?

Alex Ferguson - The most successful manager ever

Who was manager of Manchester united in 2007?

Sir Alex Ferguson, he has been the manager of Manchester United for 24 years now.

Manager of Manchester united?

Sir Alex Ferguson- from 1986.

Who is Manchester united's manager 2010?

Sir Alex Ferguson.

Who was Manchester united's best manager?

Sir Alexander Ferguson

Who was Manchester United's Manager in 2010-2011?

Sir Alex Ferguson

Why did Alex Ferguson become a sir?

he was is the greatest manager of Manchester united

Who is the manager of the English Club Manchester United?

Sir Alex Ferguson