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Q: What psychosocial factors can affect work performance?
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What factors affect work?

Factors that can affect work include the physical environment, coworker relationships, job expectations, workload, stress levels, and individual motivation and attitude towards work. These factors can impact productivity, job satisfaction, and overall performance.

What are the two major human factors' categories that affect worker performance?

The two major human factors' categories that affect worker performance are physiological factors (like fatigue, health, and physical abilities) and psychological factors (like motivation, stress, and job satisfaction). These factors can greatly impact how well an individual performs on the job and should be considered by employers when designing work tasks and environments.

What are the moral factors affect qulity work life?

What are the moral factors affect qulity work life?

Give examples about factors that affect work and giveaction?

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How does work effect sport performance?

Work- Work could affect your performance because if you have a job that you have to do lots of manual labour you will be exhausted/fatigued by the time you come to perform. Also if you work alternating shifts your body becomes confused and you will be tired and this will affect you performance. If you have a stressful job this can also affect your performance one because you may be thinking about other things and two it might make you tried or feel unwell.

What is the relation that affect work?

what affect the workand relation of those factors

What are the factors that affect work?

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What are the factors that may affect the rights of individuals in a work place?

Factors that may affect the rights of individuals in a work place include an unsafe work environment, violence in the workplace, and a stressful work environment.

What are the two factors that affect work?

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The study of human factors that affect tools and the work environment?

This area of study is known as ergonomics, which focuses on designing tools and work environments to optimize human performance and reduce the risk of injury. It considers factors like body mechanics, cognitive abilities, and work habits to create more efficient and safer workspaces.

What is the definition of work conditions?

Work conditions refer to the physical, social, and environmental factors that affect an employee's well-being and performance in the workplace. This includes factors like safety, hours of work, workplace culture, and ergonomic considerations. Improving work conditions can lead to higher job satisfaction and productivity among employees.

What are the factors that affect the amount of work done?

There are two factors on which work done depends. 1:- Force2:- Distance or displacement