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"that the coach recommended."

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Q: What is the subordinate clause in this sentence Jeff read the book on football strategies that the coach recommended?
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What keeps a subordinate clause from being a complete sentence?

A subordinate clause has a verb and another sentence within it.../././././././././.

What are examples of a subordinate conjunction?

Although there are many subordinate conjunctions, the most common are "and", "but", and "or". A subordinate conjunction connects a subordinate clause (a clause that cannot stand alone as a sentence) to a main clause (a complete sentence).

How do you use the word subordinate in a sentence?

The Captain is subordinate to a General in rank.Subordinate has a few meanings. It can mean below someone in status, e.g 'the peasant was subordinate to the King.'It has a similar meaning in that it can be used to describe someone who works for someone else, e.g 'the politician is subordinate to the Prime Minister.'Another use of subordinate is in 'subordinate clause,' which denotes a part of a sentence that adds to the main clause but cannot be used as a sentence in it's own right. For example, in the sentence 'The man rode quickly on his bike,' the subordinate clause would be 'on his bike,' because that is not a complete sentence.

What can a subordinate clause?

A subordinate clause cannot stand alone as a complete sentence because it does not express a complete thought. It depends on an independent clause to form a complete sentence. Subordinate clauses usually act as adverbs, adjectives, or nouns in a sentence.

What do you called opposite of the sentence phrase or subordinate?

The opposite of a sentence phrase or subordinate can be a main clause or an independent clause. These are complete thoughts or ideas that can stand alone as a sentence.

What part of speech is a preposition?

A preposition is a part of speech used to show the relationship between a noun or pronoun and other words in a sentence. It typically indicates location, direction, time, or the relationship between nouns or pronouns.

This is an independent clause with no subordinate clauses?

Simple sentence.

Does the sentence they spoke before lunch have a subordinate clause?


What is an independent clauses with no subordinate clauses?

A simple sentence.

In this sentence what word begins the subordinate clause dolly must clean up her room before she goes out?

The subordinate clause in your sentence begins with the word before.

What is a sentence using the word subordinate?

A second mortgage has a subordinate interest to a first mortgage. The vice president is the president's subordinate. My desire for entertainment is subordinate to my need for food.

What is subordinate clauses?

A subordinate clause is a clause that can not stand alone as a complete sentence, because it does not express a complete thought