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This question makes no sense. "Lombardi an ethic?" Vince, as all NFL fans are aware, was one of the great coaches in this league. Even the Super Bowl Championship trophy bears his name. However, an ethic is simply makes no sense. If you want to know what he was famous for, it was his attentiont to detail, making sure all his players performed to maximum potential and the phrase "Lombardi Time" derived from the fact he expected his players to always be ten minutes early. Extrapolate from that and one realizes quickly how much extra time his team practiced compared to their rivals and why they were always prepared for the battle about to face them.

The characerteristics of American sport that Vince embodied, and I'm speculating this is what you really want to know is that bring your lunch pail to work because he was all about "blue collar" ethics, working until job is done to its very best and in fact would not run a play unless everyone involved knew exactly what each other's role was. No detail too large, no detail too small to dismiss from the equation. This is what Vince stood for. He was the type of man, when seeing a question asked in this manner might have responded, "Now just who the hell asked this question and from what school did you supposedly graduate?"

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Q: What characteristics of American sport reflect the Lombardi an ethic?
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