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Yes, he is married with three children, and presently living in the West Midlands.

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Q: Is ex-Chelsea footballer Roberto di matteo married?
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Who is the manager of footballer Fernando Torres?

Roberto di matteo - Chelsea FC

When was Roberto Di Matteo born?

Roberto Di Matteo was born on 1970-05-29.

Who old is Roberto di matteo?

he is 2

What is Roberto di matteo's wife called?


What restaurants does Roberto di matteo own?


Where does chelseas manager Roberto di matteo come from?


How old is Matteo Ferrari?

Italian footballer Matteo Ferrari is 38 years old (birthdate: December 5, 1979).

What country is chelcea interim boss Roberto di matteo from?


What is the name of Roberto di matteo restaurant?

Friends Restaurant in hollywood road chelasea

Who score the last goal of the premiership in 1999?

Roberto Di Matteo for Chelsea against Sheffield Wednesday.

Who scored the winning goal for Chelsea in the 1997 fa cup final?

Roberto di matteo against middlesbrough if i can remember correctly

Where does Roberto di matteo live?

He owns several restaurants in London, and i believe he commentates on/analyses Italian matches