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Hes Not Actually A Good Manager He Dont Have Anything Special About Him Hes Just Lucky :)

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He is a grate coach because he knows his team and his players so well and he is a good coach any way.

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Sir Alex Ferguson coached the Manchester United soccer team for many years. He is often considered the best coach of all time due to his 38 championship trophies.

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Q: Is Alex Ferguson a good coach?
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Who is coach Manchester united team?

Manchester United's coach is the scotsman Sir Alex Ferguson

Who is Manchester United's current coach?

Sir Alex Ferguson.

Who is the best coach in Europe?

Type your answer here... the best coach in Europe is Sir Alex Ferguson

Who was Manchester uniteds old coach?

The coach before Sir Alex Ferguson was Ron Atkinson.

What coach commany does Manchester United use?

Sir Alex Ferguson

Who is the most successful coach in football?

Alex Ferguson at Manchester United FC

The best coach in barclays premier league?

Alex Ferguson of Manchester United

Who was the coach of Manchester united before sir alex Ferguson?

Ron Atkinson

What is Wayne Rooneys coach called?

Wayne Rooney plays for Manchester UnitedMan Us coach is Sir Alex Ferguson

Who is the winningest coach in EPL history?

It is Sir Alex Ferguson. He's pretty cool.

What team did Ferguson face first as Man Utd's coach in 1986?

Manchester United's first match with Alex Ferguson as coach was a 2 - 0 defeat against Oxford United.

Who has the most championship rings as a coach the NBA?

Phil Jackson