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At Inter he is paid £9.6 million a year.

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$9.5M Euro per year.

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Q: How much does Jose Mourinho earn?
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How much Jose Mourinho earn with Real Madrid?

At Real Madrid Jose Mourinho earns 9.5 million euros a year.

Did Jose mourinho play for Portugal?

No. Jose Mourinho did not play football professionally.

When did mourinho join Chelsea?

Jose Mourinho joined Chelsea in the 2004 season.

What country is Jose mourinho form?


Does Jose Mourinho have a Twitter account?

yes he does.

Did Jose Mourinho win the Champions league last year?

Yes Jose Mourinho won it with Inter Milan, and he also won it with F.C. Porto.

Who preceeded Jose mourinho at Chelsea?

Claudio Ranieri

Is Jose mourinho still at real Madrid?


What football team does Jose Mourinho support?


Who was sacked after FA cup win?

Jose Mourinho

Did Jose Mourinho coach Chelsea?

Yes, from 2004-2007.

Was Jose Mourinho ever involved in basketball?

No, he is a football manager.