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stuart baxter

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eric gerets Morocco national team

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Q: Hihgest paid soccer coach in South Africa?
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Who is the coach of the German soccer team at the 2010 world cup in south Africa?

Joachim Low

What is the current south African soccer teams coach?

Joel Santana

Who is the football coach of South Africa?

Engen Santos.

Why you like being a soccer coach?

I would be a soccer coach cause I like soccer

Who is the cricket coach of Sri Lanka?

Graham Ford of South Africa is the present cricket coach of Sri Lanka.

Who Succeeded Hansie Cronje as the captain of South Africa's cricket team?

Gary Kirsten is the new coach of South Africa.

What is the highest paid career in south Africa?

Right now, I believe it is that of the coach of the national soccer/football team (Bafana Bafana).He is allegedly receiving R1.8 million ($257,000) per month!...which is more than the president!!

Who is the present international coach for South Africa cricket team?

Corrie van Zyl.

When did Ray Woodard - soccer coach - die?

Ray Woodard - soccer coach - died in 2009.

What English connection does coach soccer have?

Ask the coach

When was Al Albert - soccer coach - born?

Al Albert - soccer coach - was born on 1949-02-24.

Who is the soccer coach for tangerine in tangerine book?

coach walski