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Q: Expectations of sport players as a coach?
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What qualifications do you need for a sport coach?

It depends what sport if it is for football you need to relate to the players and know all about them

What is the function of a coach?

An assistant coach should talk early and often with the head coach to have a clear understanding of his expectations. An assistant coach should be a model to other players.

In which sport does the coach wear a uniform?

Baseball is a sport that the coach wears a uniform.

On Cheers which sport did Coach coach?


What does a head coach of a NFL team do?

I dont mean to affend you but do you even know what football is its a sport and do you play a sport well if you do it should have some one to teach you and get you better at it like in school a teacher teaches you its just like that but they get you to kick a ball its so simple.

Who is the coach of hockey?

there is no coach of hockey. its a sport therefore there are different teams involved. a coach is responsible for training and coaching a certain team in the sport.

What is coach in basketball?

A coach in basketball is like the boss he or she tell the players what plays to run. Another job a coach has to do is to prepare the players for game.

What sport has the most players worldwide?

what sport has the most players worldwide

What is the yearly pay for a sport coach?

The yearly pay for a sport coach depends on the sport that they are coaching. If they were to coach a baseball game, they may be thousand up to a million dollars. If it were football, soccer, etc. then that would more or less, depending on the sport.

What is the total number of sport players?

There is averagely 2.158.521.036 sport players in the world

What is a bench jockey?

A bench jockey is a player, coach or manager in US sport, particularly baseball, who verbally annoys and distracts opposition players and umpires from the dugout bench.

Who is Jerome Johnston?

a sport coach