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Q: Can i get Sacked for poor conduct at work function?
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Under what circumstances can a worker be instantly sacked?

A worker can be instantly sacked for serious misconduct such as theft, violence, or gross insubordination. In some cases, a worker may also be instantly sacked if their actions put themselves or others in danger. It is important to follow legal regulations and proper procedures when terminating an employee.

Can you get sacked for not being early for work my employer will fine me if i am not 10 mins early for work. is this legal in the UK?


Is the statement 'her work and conduct is good' correct?

No, the statement should be "her work and conduct are good." The verb "are" should agree with the plural subject "work and conduct."

Why should you keep good working relationship?

you might get sacked or not willing to go to work

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One million years... How long did it take your grammar teacher to get sacked?

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