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Q: 13- Identify a business government education or sports leader whom you perceive to be charismatic. Explain the basis for your judgment?
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How a government can promote business activity?

By giving business education and promoting campaigns

Charismatic and visionary leadership?

The best business leaders are charismatic and visionaries. They are able to inspire change and results in their employees as well as lead the company in a strong direction.

What has the author Leverett S Lyon written?

Leverett S. Lyon has written: 'Elements of Debating' 'Government and economic life' -- subject(s): Economic policy, Industrial policy, Politics and government 'Hand-to-mouth buying' -- subject(s): Business, Commerce, Economic conditions, Industries, Purchasing 'A survey of commercial education in the public high schools of the United States' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Business education, High schools 'Education for business' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Business education

Why do you need to pay for college?

A college is a business that provides education as a service to consumers. Unless the government were to completely subsidize education, then there would be no incentive for a higher learning institution to provide education to consumers.

What is process oriented?

Education, Business and Free Verse

Is there a website about government loans online?

There is a website about government loans online. This website is called GovLoans. There is plenty of information there about all types of loans such as housing, education, and business.

Where can one receive a business executive education?

Information about business executive education is available at several places online. Said Business School, Columbia Business School, Stanford Executive Education and Harvard Business School are websites which provide information about business executive education.

When was Business Education Initiative created?

Business Education Initiative was created in 1994.

What is the market for SIC 3955?

business forms, state and local government purchases for education and hospitals, exports, banking, and the retail trade.

Why is the US a mixed economy?

It is part private business ownership, part government. Education, police, fire protection, road building and maintenance are all run government programs, rather than operated by the private sector.

What reputation did Carlos Criado-Perez have in business circles?

a reputation of being charismatic, creative, outspoken, personable, enthusiastic, and frank--

What Can you do with a BS in Business Education?

Teach Business. :-)