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Q: Why were bow street runners ineffective?
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When was Bow Street Runners created?

Bow Street Runners was created in 1749.

Who was the Chief Magistrate of the Bow Street Runners?

Who was Chief Magistrate of the Bow Street Runners

Who founded the Bow Street Runners?

Bow Street Runners Founded by Novelist Henry Fielding

What did the bow street runners do?

their birthday suits

Who is most closely associated with the London bow street runners?

Johnathan Wild

Who was head of the Bow Street Runners in 1792 in England?

Sir Robert Peel

Who created the bow street runners?

The Bow Street Runners were created by magistrate Henry Fielding in London in 1749 to tackle crime and disorder in the city. They were the first formal police force in London.

Who established the bow street runners and is known as the father of police in London?

Sir Robert Peel

Why was the bow street runners created?

hi... The Bow Street runners was basically a more developed version of 'thief catchers' which were the previous form of detectives. However, the Runners were funded by the Court house on Bow street. i'm afraid I don't know exactly why it was created, just how, but I know that it was started roundabout the beginning of the industrial revolution, so the country was beginning to act on law etc at that time. hope this helps x

What was the name for police in the 1700's?

The only notable police-type force was the "Bow Street Runners" in London.

Who were the first police officers in London?

The Bow Street Runners, sometimes called Peelers or Bobbies after their founder Sir Robert Peel.

What did Henry Fielding organize in 1748?

He founded the "Bow Street Runners". Some people call this London's 1st police department