Why john terry is a good leader?

Updated: 10/27/2022
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because he poops good.

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Q: Why john terry is a good leader?
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Why was Terry Fox a good leader?

Well.........He is most likely to be our role-model than a leader.

Is john terry a good football player?

Not at all

Who is a good defender in soccer?

John Terry of Chelsea and England.

Who is footballer John Terry?

John terry is the captain of chelsea football team. I would tell you everthing about him but there is to many good things haha i love him #1 fan

What makes John Key a good leader?

That depends on your personal preferences for what makes a good leader. Some people like John Key, others do not.

What made John Adams a good leader?

John Adams was a mediocre leader. he didnt really do that much as a president

What size of boots does john terry have?


Who is the captain of Chelsea?

John Terry - the central defence. He is the highest scoring defender for Chelsea and most succesful, except when he lost the Champions League Trophy in Moscow, v Manchester United, after slipping and putting his penalty wide. He is really good and still captain.

How many children does John terry have?

John Terry has 2 children.

How many chilldren does John Terry have?

John Terry currently has 2 children, Twins, Boy called Georgie John Terry & Girl Called Summer Rose Terry

When was John Terry - baseball - born?

John Terry - baseball - was born in 1879.

What is John Terry's birthday?

John Terry was born on December 7, 1980.