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no not at all

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Q: Why is reaction time important to a 100m sprinter?
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This sprinter beat Donovan Bailey's 100m world record with a time of 9.79 seconds?

maurice green

What distance is run every second by a ten second sprinter?

The common distance for this time is the 100m sprint. 100/10 is 10 metres per second

Who is the fastest Chinese sprinter?

<p>Chen Jiaquan - runs 10 seconds sharp in 100m dash with hand-held stopwatch in October 1965, a time on par with the world record of that time<p> <p>Su Bingtian - the current fastest Chinese holding a record of 10.16 in 100m<p>

what is a 13 year old average time for 100 meters hurdles?

Well mine is 14.00s and was the first time I had done hurdles, normally a high jumper or 100m-200m sprinter. Been told by my teachers I should focus on 100m-110m Hurdles now though. Sorry if this isn't much help, I don't know the average times for 100m hurdles only my own.

Calculate average velocity and average speed?

sharon sprinter changes her speed from 4.5m/s to 7.5m/s in the middle 1.5 seconds of a 100m race. what is her average velocity for this time period?

What qualities does a sprinter need?

power, strength, good reaction time to the starter gun for a good start and long legs

Who holds the record for 100m sprint in Poland and how fast is it?

That auspicious title is held by Marian Woronin. His fastest time of 10.00 in the 100m was rounded up from 9.992 seconds, thus giving him the distinction of being the only white sprinter ever to run under 10 seconds for the 100 metres, albeit unofficially. A side note: He is one of two non-African or African descended sprinters to run 100 metres in 10.00, the other being Koji Ito. Patrick Johnson, an Australian sprinter who is ethnically half-Irish and half-Native Australian, recorded a 100m time of 9.93 seconds.

Was Adolf Hitler in the Olympics?

Adolf hitler competed in the 1939 Olympic games as a 100m sprinter before he rose to become a leader. This was the begining of his time in the spotlight which led to him rising and become the leader of Germany. As a young child he was well known in his town for being a fast sprinter and competed in multiple competitions around Germany at the age of 15.

What is the under 15 100m record?

24.07.2009 French sprinter Christophe Lemaître produced a sparkling runto set a new European junior 100m record of 10.04 on the secondday of the European Athletics Junior Championships in Novi Sad,Serbia, on Friday. French sprinter Christophe Lemaître ran a fantastic 100m at the 20th European Athletics Junior Championships in Novi Sad on Friday, leading from gun to tape before stopping the clock in a European junior 100m record of 10.04. Lemaître's performance was the highlight of an outstanding second day in Serbia's second city, at which four other championship records were also set, three of them coming in field events.The long-legged Lemaître was quickest out of his blocks in the men's 100m final, with the amazing reaction time of 0.120 for a sprinter 1.89m tall, and was straight into his running. Daylight shone between himself and the rest of the field by 40 metres.His winning time was also the second fastest ratified mark ever by a junior athlete. The previous European junior record was 10.06, set by Dwain Chambers when the British sprinter won at the 1997 European Athletics Junior Championships.

The sprinter beat donovan bailey's 100m world record with a time of 9.79 seconds?

Those comparisions cannot be easily inter-related. It is a 10 meter difference - that makes all the differences. It is like asking Wilson Kipketer what he would do in the 1k based on his 800m performance (by the way he does not hold the 1k world record).

Who is fatest man on earth now?

As of now, the title of the fastest man on earth belongs to Usain Bolt from Jamaica. Bolt holds the world record in the 100m and 200m sprints and is widely regarded as the greatest sprinter of all time.

How is science used in the 100m sprint?

Runners have to work out there reaction time after working out how many metres they can travel a second to work out their total time. this can help them train better and reach a higher place in their career.