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Q: Why is Ralph Nader considered the Father of Consumerism by many?
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Who is considered the number one consumer advocate?

Ralph Nader

Who was the moderator of the Ralph Nader presidential debate?

Ralph Nader

What kind of car does Ralph Nader drive?

RALPH NADER does not drive!!!!!

When was Ralph Nader born?

Ralph Nader was born on February 27, 1934.

What is Ralph Nader's birthday?

Ralph Nader was born on February 27, 1934.

What year was Ralph Nader born in?

Ralph Nader was born February 27, 1934.

How do you contact Ralph Nader?

You can contact attorney Ralph Nader by sending him a letter. Address the envelope to: Ralph Nader, P.O. Box 19312, Washington, DC 20036.

Is Ralph Nader a vegetarian?

Yes, Nader is a vegetarian.

Is Ralph Nader left handed?

Yes, Ralph Nader is left-handed.

Does Ralph nader have a son?

yes his name is termy nader

What is the most notable book about anti-consumerism?

Probably the most notable book of all time that was anti-consumeristic is by Ralph Nader. He wrote 'Unsafe at Any Speed' about the Chevrolet Corvair in 1963.

How old is Ralph Nader?

Ralph Nader is 83 years old (birthdate: February 27, 1934).