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They wear white jerseys because it is more common now to wear white than thier other colors

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White is considered to be one of the New Orleans Saints colors.

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Q: Why do the New Orleans Saints wear white at home when they play in a domed stadium?
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What is Corey White's number on the New Orleans Saints?

Corey White is number 24 on the New Orleans Saints.

What are the team colors of the New Orleans Saints?

Black, White, and Gold

What position does Corey White play?

Corey White plays Cornerback for the New Orleans Saints.

What NFL team does Corey White play for?

Corey White plays for the New Orleans Saints.

Colors New Orleans Saints wear for Super Bowl?

gold and white?

What color jersey are the saints wearing for the Super Bowl?

The Indianapolis Colts will wear their Speed Blue jerseys and the New Orleans Saints will wear their white jerseys.

How many games did the New Orleans Saints win in 2009 wearing their white jerseys?

There are no records on how many games they have won.

What were the team colors for Super Bowl 44?

The New Orleans Saints wore their white jerseys with gold pants, and the Indianapolis Colts wore their Speed blue jerseys with white pants.

When was White City Stadium created?

White City Stadium was created in 1908.

When did White City Stadium end?

White City Stadium ended in 1985.

When did White City - New Orleans - end?

White City - New Orleans - ended in 1913.

When was White City - New Orleans - created?

White City - New Orleans - was created in 1907.