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to the best of my knowledge and simply, each star is a burning ball of fire just like the sun but hundreds of times smaller. when the moon 'comes up', covers the sun it means it isn't as bright because it has to 'light up' the moon and the sky is darker so there fore they are easier to see. when the sun is out in the day, it is very bright and makes the stars unseen. that is a pretty much basic explanation

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Q: Why do stars come out in the skyat night?
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Stars begin to appear at night as the sun sets and the sky darkens. The exact time can vary depending on location, time of year, and atmospheric conditions, but generally stars start becoming visible after twilight fades.

Is Milky Way galaxy come from stars?

No. The stars we see in the night sky are INthe Milky Way Galaxy, they form part of it.Galaxies are made of billions of stars.

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The starts don't come out at night, there are always there. It's that we can only see them at night because when the sun goes down, the sky gets dark and it becomes easier to see them.

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