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Q: Why did didrikson have such a hard time finding opportunities for her athletic talents?
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According to Woolf what factors contribute to a woman's lack of achievement?

Missing out on opportunities to develop talents

Was John the only gospel writer who recorded the two parables of the talents?

I'm not sure where in John you're finding the parables of the talents, but I can only find one at Matthew 25:14-30

Why do some people had inborn extreme talents?

Some people may have inborn extreme talents due to a combination of genetic factors, environmental influences during critical periods of development, and natural aptitudes. Genetic variations can contribute to exceptional abilities in certain areas, while early exposure to opportunities for learning and practicing specific skills can also shape and enhance innate talents. Talent development is a complex interplay between nature and nurture.

What types of fairies are there in pixie hollow games?

water talents, animal talents, garden talents, tinker talents, storm talents, light talents, and fast flying talents.

What is the most useful talent to have?

that depends on the person. each person has a specific talent, and theres different jobs for different talents. if you were a juggler you'd be useful in a circus. Athletic, playing a sport.

Why do you want to eork in the company?

You could say that you have heard this is a company that promotes from within. You could share that you have researched the company and realize it is growing and full of opportunities for you to contribute your skills and talents.

What is a sentence using the word fate?

The fate of the passengers depended on finding somewhere to land the plane. Success comes from using your talents, not by depending on luck or fate.

What scholarships does Princeton university offer?

Do you give scholarships for academic merit, special talents or athletic ability?No. All financial aid awards are based solely on need.See link below for more information.

Does Captain Hook have talents?

no he does not have talents

Does sybil ludington have any talents?

sybil ludington does have talents her talents are horse riding

If your athletic than are you good at all sports?

Not necessarily. For example, a woman who excels at fastpitch softball may not be all that great at gymnastics. Or a wrestler may not be all that great at running races for track.Different sports take different talents. Being athletic wouldn't necessarily mean you have the talent or natural ability to excel at all sports.

What were Charlemagne talents?

His talents was having sex