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Q: Why did Erik fisher football records get wiped out?
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what is erik fisher expected to do at to do at football games?

To Play the football

In Tangerine by Edward Bloor how does Paul Fisher feel about football?

Paul Fisher doesn't really like football because his brother, Erik, plays it. Erik is rude and cruel to Paul and his friends, and Paul does not look up to him at all. The "Erik Fisher Football Dream," as stated in the book, makes up most of Erik's and Erik's parents' lives. Paul doesn't want anything to do with it.

In tangerine why does paul fisher dislike the Erik fisher football dream?

Probably because Paul dislikes Erik, and he knows Erik doesn't deserve something like that dream.

What is the Erik fisher football dream in the tangerine book?

The dream that both Erik and Dad share for Erik to become a star football player and maybe even receive a scholarship for football in college. Paul does not like it because Dad is always focusing on the Erik Fisher Football Dream (EFFD, let's call it.) and not on Paul and soccer, and does not realize what is going on with Erik and Paul.

In the book tangerine What did paul's father call his involvement in his brother's football playing?

The Erik Fisher Football Dream.

In The Novel Tangerine Why Did Erik's records get wiped out of the record books?

Erik's records were wiped out of the record books because his parents paid off the coaches and school officials to create a fake athletic record for him, allowing him to play on the high school soccer team illegally. This deception was uncovered later in the novel, leading to consequences for Erik and his family.

When was Erik Fisher born?

Erik Fisher was born on 1985-03-21.

In Tangerine why did they move?

They moved to Florida due to Erik's successful football career and to be closer to Lake Windsor Downs, the prestigious school where Erik would be playing football. Paul's parents hoped the move would provide a fresh start for their family.

Who does Erik fisher slap in tangerine?

Erik Fisher slaps Paul Fisher, his younger brother, in the book "Tangerine" by Edward Bloor.

Who is the antagonist in tangerine?

Erik Fisher

What are the release dates for Moguls - 2009 Erik Fisher?

Moguls - 2009 Erik Fisher was released on: USA: 25 January 2010

What does paul's grandparents think of the Erik fisher football dream plus?

Idk i read the book but didnt catch very much input from the grandparents' opinions