Why are the right wing so hateful?

Updated: 12/7/2022
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The Bible in one hand... The gun in the other!

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Q: Why are the right wing so hateful?
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Why is the islamic religion so hateful?

You are mistaken, the religion is not hateful in its teachings.

Why is the world hateful?

Its not the world that is hateful its the people. People in this world are so cruel an hateful its just sad. But soon this madnees will all be over but not to,to soon but it will.

Is euroscepticism a left wing or right wing issue?

It is mainly right wing, but there are eurosceptics who are left wing too.

Is the republican the right wing or left wing?

Right wing, Democrats are left wing and liberals are "far left" and the "far right" of the wing is called the Conservatives.

Why has the republican party become so hateful in recent years?

The republican party has become so hateful in recent years because it is not on power.

What is the difference between left and right wing in the US?

Left wing= Democratic Right wing= Republican

What was the first position David Becham played for Manchester United?

His number ; 7; was refered to as 'outside right' so one would assume that his main field of play was the right wing.

Cockatiel wing problem he is being protective about his right wing and usually stretches it out without doing that to the other one?

Take your bird to the vet right away. Chances are good that he has injured the wing and it hurts, so he is reluctant to move it.

Where is the right wing on counterfeit poptropica island?

i dont know so sorry

Why are many right wing posts so rude?

They are no ruder than left wing posters, you are just much more sensitive to what the right wingers are posting. I find it clearly the opposite.

Why red light on left wing tip and green on right wing tip?

so other airplanes in the sky can differentiate your direction of flight.

Is the Republican Party right wing and if so why?

Generally, yes, because they believe in keeping the federal government's power in check instead of letting the government rule. However, like there can be conservative (right wing) democrats, there can be liberal (left wing) republicans.