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Q: Why are sports heroes so important to Americans?
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When did super heroes become important?

super heroes became important when people where haveing alot of problems so they needed help

Why do advertising compaines like to use sporting heroes to promote their products?

Because people like sports heroes so the ad would get their attention.

Why is striking important in sports?

so you either get in or out :)

Why are the commonwealth games so important?

It is important so people can see how good they really are at sports

What group is better in the three major sports baseball basketball and football - African-Americans Asians Americans Euoropean-Americans?

Baseball, basketball and football are not the main sports in Australia so I don't really think you can compare us. But aussies are good at all sports, it runs in the blood.

Why tutorials are important for sports?

The reason there are tutorials in sports before you play is so you understand how to play

Why is it important to have a national heroes day in the philippines?

National Heroes Day in the Philippines is important because it recognizes and pays tribute to the significant contributions and sacrifices made by Filipino heroes throughout history. It serves as a reminder of the nation's identity, fosters patriotism, and encourages future generations to embody the values and virtues of these heroes.

Why is the amentdments are so important?

The amendments are so important because they help Americans keep there rights.

Why is sports important in your daily life?

so you don't die

Why where sports so important to the ancient Greece?

losers were killed

What Percent of Americans chose basketball over other sports?

I don't know but a lot of people like sports so I guess about 50%

Why were native Americans so important in the clash between the french and the british?

The Native Americans were so important in the clash between the French and British because the Native Americans helped the French in the war between the French and British.