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Q: Who wore number 10 in Alabama football?
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What was Bart Starr jersey number at Alabama?

He wore number 10

What university of Alabama quarterback wore the number 15 jersey?

i recant, steadman was 10

Who wore football jersey number 10 at Ohio state in 2006?

Troy Smith

Who wore number 17 in football?

Jason Gesser played football for Washington state in the early 2000s and led them to two 10 win seasons in 2001 and 2002. He wore the number 17 for his entire career at Wazzu.

What number does kaka wear for Brazil?

Pelé famously wore number 10 when he played soccer (football). He was assigned the number randomly at the 1958 World Cup, despite the number 9 being the traditional assignment for his position on the field.

Who wore football jersey number 10 for michigan wolverines?

I can think of only Jim Harbaugh, Brandon Minor and...................... I'll do some research and get back to you.

Can you buy old Alabama football games on DVD?

Some great information about past Alabama football games here.!/2012/10/introduction.html

Who wore the Liverpool number 10 shirt in the 1980's?

Ian Rush wore the number 10 shirt for Liverpool

What number did Davey Johnson wear with the Mets?

Davey Johnson wore number 5 when he managed the Mets from 1984 to 1990.

What players in sports history wore the number 10?

Brady Quinn wore 10 at Notre Dame when he was quarterback there.

What number is Cristiano Ronaldo in fifa 10?

Ronaldo wore jersey number 10.

Who wore number 10 for the Atlanta Braves before chipper Jones?

Rafael ramirez never wore # 10 for the braves, Chris Chambliss wore #10 for the Braves during the 1980's, Rafael Ramirez wore #16 and Greg Olson wore #10 before Chipper.