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Q: Who were the other quarterbacks selected in 2004?
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Who was the QB for the packers in 2004?

Brett Favre started all 16 games for the Green Bay Packers in 2004. Other quarterbacks on the 2004 roster were Doug Pederson, Craig Nall and J.T. O'Sullivan.

How many times has Tom Brady been selected for the super bowl?

As of 2010, Brady has been to four Super Bowls, winning three. Note, quarterbacks aren't selected for the Super Bowl. They go as part of the team that wins the conference championship.

What quarterbacks did the Atlanta Falcons draft in 1972?

Auburn's Pat Sullivan was the only quarterback selected by Atlanta in the 1972 draft. He was chosen in the second round as the 40th overall pick.

Who were the other quarterbacks on preseason roster in 2000 for New England Patriots?

The Patriots had four quarterbacks on the 2000 preseason roster. the quarterbacks were:Drew BledsoeMichael BishopTom BradyJohn FrieszFriesz was on the Injured reserve list and was not on the active roster during the pre-season.

In an NFL game can 2 quarterbacks on the same team play at the same time?

yes, there is no rule against an NFL team having 2 quarterbacks on the field at the same time the only restriction regarding quarterbacks is that the 3rd quarterback cannot play in the game at all unless both of the other 2 quarterbacks are injured and unable to play further in the game

How many Ohio State Players were selected in the 2004 NFL Draft?


Who was Mr Irrelevant in the 2004 NFL Draft?

Andre Sommersell, selected by the Raiders.

Who was selected as the fourth pick by the Giants in the 2004 NFL Draft?

phillip rivers

What other quarterbacks were on the falcons roster the year Bret favre was there?

See related link.

How many quarterbacks are in the 2008 Steelers team?

4 quarterbacks.

Who were the 10 oldest quarterbacks in the NFL?

who are the 10 oldest quarterbacks in the nfl ?

When did Eli Manning become a pro?

Eli Manning was selected number one in the 2004 NFL Draft..2004 was his first year as a pro