Who were Albert Einstein's siblings?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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He has one sister, her name was Maja, said as Maya

and a Brother named jakob said as jacob

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Q: Who were Albert Einstein's siblings?
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Who were Einsteins siblings?

his sister

Is Albert Einsteins single?

No, Albert Einstein is not single.

What is Albert Einsteins's full name?

Albert Pippy Einstein

What was Albert Einsteins horscope?

it was ..TARUS

Does Albert Einsteins have pets?

he has a dog

Does Albert Einsteins have children?

Yes, Albert Einstein has 1 kids

Did Albert Einsteins finish college?

yes he did

How did Albert Einsteins get famous?

for the automatic bom

What does Albert Einsteins look like?


What is Albert Einsteins's birthday?

march 14th

Who was Albert Einsteins's mentor?

Max Talmey

What were Albert Einsteins ambitions?

Albert Einstein's ambition was to unravel the mysteries of the universe through his groundbreaking theories on physics, particularly the theory of relativity. He also aimed to use his influence to promote peace and social justice, advocating for disarmament and civil rights. Additionally, Einstein aspired to inspire future generations of scientists and thinkers.