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Q: Who plays in central midfield for football?
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What position in football does Gerard Lopez play?

central midfield

What position does david beckham in football?

He plays right midfield.

What does midfielder means in soccer?

From the name, Midfield means the central area of the field. Midfield refers to the players who play in central positions in football, in between the strikers and defenders.

What role in the midfield does cesc fabregas play for arsenal?

Cesc Fabregas usually plays in central midfield for Arsenal and Spain.

Where does cam kaka play?

"CAM" refers to his position (Central - attacking - midfield), it is not part of his name. You mean Ricardo Kaka, who plays for Real Madrid and the Brazillian national football team.

What spanish person plays midfield in soccer?

Mia Hamm plays midfield

What possision does Xabi Alonso play?

Central midfield.

What positions are played by ronaldinho and lampard?

Ronaldinho can play as a forward as he does for Barcelona or can play on the right/left of midfield as he has done for Brazil. Frank Lampard plays an attacking central midfield position for Chelsea.

What position in Football does Ronaldhino play?

Ronaldhino doesnt play in Football he plays in Soccer and he plays in AC Milan but sorry I dont really know the position i think that it is the one he used to have in Brazil's soccer team Left Attacking MidField... Someone could improve the question.. sorryHope that helped

Where was peach born?

James Perch is an English football who plays for Newcastle Football Club. He was born in Mansfield, England. He is a versatile player who can play in defense as well as well as midfield.

What position Marvin Humes play in football?


How do you call football scorer?

strikers, forward, midfield