Who is the hiegst goal scre among lampard an babertov?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Q: Who is the hiegst goal scre among lampard an babertov?
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How many goals has Frank Lampard scored against Barcelona?

Frank Lampard has scored only one goal vs Barcelona. He scored this goal in 2006.

Who was the first footballer who first reach to the 100th goal?


Best goal scoring midfielder in the premier league?

Frank Lampard

Is Frank Lampard a good goal scorer?

Yes Frank Lampard is a very good footballer, he scores goals , from free icks penalties as well as open play.

Who is the highest goal scoring midfielder?

I think the highest paid midfielder is frank lampard.

Who have more goal in the midfielder?

lionel messi Pervious answer is incorrect. Frank Lampard has more goals.

Who is the highest goal scoring midfielder in the English premiership this season?

Gerrard + lampard on 9 goals

Who did Frank Lampard score a controversially disallowed goal against at the 2010 world cup?


Who is chelsea's all time goal scorer?

Didier Drogba didier drogba or frank lampard!!!!!!!!!!

Whose goal for England against Germany was not awarded in Football World Cup 2010?

The goal of the midfielder from England Frank Lampard had his goal which clearly crossed the line not given. The referee and the linesman were sent packing home.

Who scored the longest goal and who scored it?

I think it was scored by Frank Lampard for Chelsea at an Premier League match against Stoke City in 2009

Who is chelseass altime record goalscorer?

Frank Lampard is Chelsea's all-time leading goal scorer with 211 goals in all competitions.