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Josh Peck

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Q: Who is the father of Josh from 'Drake and Josh'?
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Who is dead out of drake and josh?

Drake and Josh are both alive.

Is drake and josh a comedy?

Yes, Drake and Josh is a comedy.

Why they cancelled drake and josh?

They haven't cancelled Drake and Josh.

Does Josh Peck from drake and josh have his ear pierce?

yes he does. he wears it in some episodes of drake and josh. and he wears it on drake and josh go Hollywood

On Drake and Josh what are Megan Drake and Josh's real names?

Drake's real name is Drake Bell. Josh's real name is Josh Peck. Megan's real name is Miranda Cosgrove.

Was drake bell in any movies?

Drake Bell was in the tv show Drake and Josh. He did movies for Drake and Josh (Merry Christmas Drake and Josh). He recently was in Rags.

What are the three movies of drake and josh?

merry Christmas drake and josh, really big shrimp, drake and josh go Hollywood

Is josh peck and drake bell going back to drake and josh?

I do not think so. The whole Drake and Josh thing is over.

In drake and josh what is the dads name?

Josh's dad's name in drake and josh is Walter.

What is better club penguin or drake and josh?

Drake and josh, by far.

Name of Drake and Josh's sister on the show Drake and Josh?


Is drake and Josh popular?

Yes, the show Drake and Josh is popular.