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Q: Who is the athlete that beated Payne Stewart and Davis Love 3?
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What is the birth name of Payne Stewart?

Payne Stewart's birth name is William Payne Stewart.

When was Payne Stewart born?

Payne Stewart was born on January 30, 1957.

When was Harry Payne - athlete - born?

Harry Payne - athlete - was born in 1892.

When did Harry Payne - athlete - die?

Harry Payne - athlete - died in 1969.

What is Payne Stewart's birthday?

Payne Stewart was born on January 30, 1957.

When did Payne Stewart die?

Payne Stewart died on October 25, 1999 at the age of 42.

How old was Payne Stewart at death?

Payne Stewart was born on January 30, 1957 and died on October 25, 1999. Payne Stewart would have been 42 years old at the time of death or 58 years old today.

What nicknames does Julie Payne Davis go by?

Julie Payne Davis goes by Jewels.

What is the value of A personal Payne Stewart Autograph on a golf hat?

worth of Payne Stewart autographed golf visor

What golfer wore knickers?

payne stewart

How tall was payne Stewart?

Payne Stewart was approximately 6 feet 1 inch in height. he was a former professional golfer. He passed away in an airplane crash.

When was Davy Payne born?

Davy Payne was born in 1949.