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Q: Who is better anelka or nani in football?
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What international football team does Nicolas anelka play for?

Nicholas Anelka plays for the French team.

Which country does Nicolas Anelka play for?

Nicolas Anelka plays for France. And club football for Chelsea.

Is drogba better than Nani?

yes drogba is better than nani

Which football player has the most transfer fees?


How many Muslims are there in Chelsea football club?


Who is nani?

Nani is a portugese football player and he plays for Manchester United.

Who is better bendtner or anelka?

Here Nickolas Anelka is far better as he scores more goals ad is a lethal finisher.

Who is Frances star football player?

It is Henry, ribery, anelka.

Who is better anelka or Rooney?

It is probably Rooney.

Is nani better than ronaldo?

no nani is not better than ronaldo because ronaldo has more shot power and a better free kick

What country does Nicolas anelka live in?

He lives in London (England) because he plays for Chelsea FC

How many Premiership football teams has Nicolas Anelka played for in his career?

Nicolas Anelka has played for 5 Premiership football teams, these being Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City, Bolton Wanderers, and currently Chelsea.