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Marion Barber is faster and stronger than Adrian Peterson cause in his pro day he ran a 3.76 in the 40 yd dash. Marion Barber is the fastest guy in the NFL today.

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Q: Who is better Marion barber or Adrian Peterson?
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Who is better Julius Jones or Marion barber?

Marion Barber

Who is better Reggie Bush or Adrian Peterson?

If you look at the total yardage per year, Adrian Peterson wins.

What jersey is better to buy Brett Favre or Adrian Peterson or both?

Adrian Peterson

Who is better Adrian Peterson or Ryan Grant?

Adrian Peterson he is number one a future hall of famer.

Who is better Adrian Peterson or Brett Favre?

Adrian Peterson because AP is faster and a lot younger

Who is better reggie bush or Marian barber?

Marion Barber

Who is better Adrian Peterson or willie Parker on the steelers?

Adrian perterson

Who is better Adrian Peterson or LaDanian Tomlinson?

Adrian Peterson all the way

Is reggie bush better than Adrian Peterson?

Adrian is a better running back. Reggie is a better reciever, especially a slot receiver. Reggie doesn't play reciever, though. So at the position they both play, running back, Adrian Peterson is a better player.

Who is better Adrian Peterson or chris Johnson?

i would say they're about equal but if someone was better it would be Peterson

Who is better Chris Johnson Adrian Peterson?

That is a matter of ones own opinion. Some people may think Chris Johnson is better. While others may think Adrian Peterson is better.

Who is better between Michael turner and Adrian Peterson?

Peterson is better statistically, but turner is a better goal-line runner and gets more touchdowns. all in all i'd take Peterson