Who is apolo ohno's sister?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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all I have ever read is that he is from yuki's first marriage to a woman named pam, his name is jamison. I have also read where apolo has a younger sister, his mom's child, she is either still a senior in high school or has already graduated, she lives in seattle and is a great athlete in her own right, her name was not mentioned in the artcle I read.

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Apolo Ohno has a half brother, also born in May, a full 10 years before Apolo himself was born from Yukihiro Ohno's short relationship with Jerri Lee, Apolo's mother. Yuki's marriage in 1971 was to a woman, ten years younger than Yuki, who was raised in Seattle; they divorced in 1974. Apolo's own mother was less than 19 when Apolo was born, she would have been under 10 years old when Yuki's older son was born. The records of Yuki's marriage and divorce with the mother of his older son, now almost 40 years old, are filed in King County, Washington. The fact that Apolo's brother is ten years older was stated by Apolo, himself, in his 2002 interview covered with Sports Illustrated. See: .. Quote from the SI article: "Meanwhile, none of Apolo's official bios, and none of the stories written about him since 1997 -- when at 14 he became the youngest U.S. short-track champion -- mention that he has a half brother. When the subject is broached, Apolo pauses and then describes the brother as "about 10 years older" and no factor in his upbringing. Asked if the brother lives in Seattle, Apolo says, "I don't know. You're not going to get hold of him." Asked if he speaks with him, Apolo says, "Not at this point." Although various online posts state that Apolo doesn't want to see his older half-brother, that is a mistatement, as you can see, of the above quote. Also, there is continuing speculation the half-brother is the child of Jerri Lee, which is factually untrue and would be nearly physically impossible.

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He does not have a son yet.

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Q: Who is apolo ohno's sister?
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